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Here at the Flying Tavern, we believe that if you are going to do something you should do it ALL THE DAMN WAY.

In that spirit, we will be offering free cheese and Tavern Crema to those who are not opposed to dairy.

You will also have your choice of one of two co-entrees (these are too good to be called sides) Fondant potatoes with bourbon herb honey butter or veggie spring rolls with roasted almond sesame sauce.

You may also have your choice of fatty or smashers when ordering burgers.

Fatties will be served with a bit of pink.

Smashers will be a fatty split into two and smashed flat with little to no pink.

You may also request items ala Plain Jane. No explanation needed, right?  

We currently four house-made sauces our bourbon herb honey butter, our hand made fire roasted salsa verde, our hand made Thai sweet chili garlic and our Chi-nese mustard with apricot.